100% Cotton Teflon

63” x63” Square $110.00   &   63” x 98”  Rectangular $140.00

French Jacquard Tablecloths

made in France

Teflon treatment is a revolutionary process that makes tablecloths stain-proof while entirely preserving the look and feel of cotton; it is unnoticeable, to the eye and to the touch. The cloths are made of cotton fibers that have been treated to repel liquids. Should you spill any liquid on your tablecloth, all you have to do is soak it up with a cloth or sponge. Any stain caused by solids will wash off easily in the laundry since it won't have impregnated the fabric.


Authentic Table Linens & Specialty Gifts from the South of France

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Medallion Blue & Green

Poppies Orange

Cezanne Turquoise

Fleur Blue & Yellow

Sunflower Green